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My first moment on the stage was actually in my living room, teaching myself how to mimic my favorite actors and putting on my own shows for my family. Celebrities and other various character impressions were my go-to bits. My stage moved from the living room to the classroom, and soon I bore the title of class clown. As a young adult after High School I was drawn to a real stage and joined the stunt cast of Old Tucson Studios. In the 8.5 years I worked there, I performed daily shows acting and stunts, falls ranging from 10 to 50 feet in height. In 2015 I became the Entertainment Lead at Old Tucson and began training others in both acting and stunt work.

During my time at Old Tucson I began transitioning from live western acting and stunts into the Film and Television industry, both acting and Stunt Coordinating. Where I earned credits that include Widow, Cassidy Red, The West and the Ruthless, No Sunday West of Newton, Josephine, Mercy Street, Deadly Shootouts and many more.

I always say, this career is a marathon and I'm training everyday.

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